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Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

PVC handrail

Handrail perceptibly improves the appearance and safety of stair wells. Handrail will help to improve the durability and lowen the possibility of traumatic injury, which is urgent for old people. It is possible to produce it in the required colour which will make the stair fit the interior perfectly. There is a possibility to match the colours of handrail and antiskid covers or plinth. Handrail easily takes the required shape after the warming up.

Stairstep cover 
Stairstep covers Stairstep cover allows to lowen the possibility of traumatic injury avoiding slipping. Covers improove durability of stair steps, prolonging the service life. There is possibility of production covers in the required colour for fitting with existing interior. Antiskid stair step cover is installed with glue and can be used on steps of substandard configuration.
Antiskid tape
 Antiskid tapes and strips

Antiskid tapes shew their efficiency on practically any slippery surface. Antiskid strips are installed fast on any dry surface. This article proofed high resistance to different chemicals and oils, it is hard to damage them. Antiskid tape differs with its durability. We produce tapes in different colour solutions which will help you to choose the required shade. Manufacture  of antiskid tape is held with soft PVC but there is a hard core inside.

Stairstep edge

Stairstep edge

Edge profile is installed on the stairs to avoid getting water on the lower levels, it is very efficient for moist cleaning or when it is raining. Besides that, edge pofile impoves stadiness on the stairsteps. Also, installation of this profile allows to improve the service life of stairsteps. Edge profile is produced in different colour solutions, which will help you to choose the required one.

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