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Make an order on producing PVC profile.

Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

Our company produces wide range of production for qualitative wall finishing. We are ready to offer a solution for any of the building tasks. For wall and angles protection there are impingement plate and platband. We always have a widerange of different plinth types. plinth is meant to protect lower part of the wall from damages through cleaning. Plinth hides the junction place between floor and walls and gives a finished look to the room. Bonding and junction profile is used for firm bonding of different sheet materials, they also help to cover joints. Using the tile angle you can protect tiles from cracks. For wall angles protection soft or hard angles are used. Different types of plaster profiles can help to make the plaster works easier and faster.

Here is represented a wide range for finishing and protection of walls:
- protective profile
- plastic plinth
- platband
- fluting plane
- plastic angles
- plastic panels

Protective profile for walls

impingement plate

Impingement plate is installed on the walls and allows to protect them from practically any mechanical damages and shocks. Shockproof profile found a wide use in places of high passability: offices, universities. Soft shockproof profile is supplied in rolls which makes the transportation and installation easier. Profile can be easily sticked on the required surface. It is really efficient to use this profile in rooms with substandard walls and columns.

impingement plate

Impingement plate produced from hard PVC is highly demanded in mechanical establishments. Popularity of this profile can be explained with a high possibility of damages occur. Because of the special technology of production light damages right on the plate can't be noticed. Replacement of the plate does not take much time and can be held even by unqualified worker. To give the finished look to the plate there are angles and butt ends which are installed on the wall plate.

Plastic plinth
plastic plinth

Plastic plinth is used for accurate decoration of the rooms and giving a finished look to it, for protecting walls from hits and moist through cleaning. Plastic plinth is produced from foamed or hard PVC.
Plastic angle is used for protection of angles from splits Plastic angle is produced in the same colour as plinth.

Fluting planes
Fluting plane, ceiling plinth

Fluting plane - ceiling plinth is used for finishing junctions between walls and ceiling or for ceilings with many levels. Ceiling plinth is produced from foamed PVC and is usually white. But under your demand we can produce fluting plane of the required colour.

Plastic panels

Plastic panel is a modern material for wall finishing. They can be easuly installed on the walls, alowwing shorten the time of repair perceptibly. Thanks to its water resistance this article is often used for bathrooms finishing.

Plastic angles

Plastic angles are installed on the wall angles (inner and external), they protect them from splits and cracks. Angles are easily installed and help the room to stay in a proper condition longer. There is always a wide range of colour solutions.


Platbands help to hide junctions between walls and door giving the room a finished look. Plastic platbands are really efficient and durable, different colour solutions give an opportunity to choose the most proper for a certain interior.

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