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Make an order on producing PVC profile.

Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

Plinth is produced from plastic or wood, it borders the floor covering and hides the juntion between wall and floor. Oftenly it is a decorative element.
Necessary condition of qualitative works of laying cover and finishing is installation of platbands and plinths. Plinth protects walls through cleaning and hides defects. Platbands cover splits and cracks appeared through installation. Plinth is widely used in repair and finishing which helps to hold works faster.
Using qualitative plinth means quality of works of finishing or repair.

A wide range of articles for floor finishing is represented:
- plinth
- plinth tape
- junction profile
- final weld profile
- stair step covers

Plinth tape
Plinth tape Plinth tape - Flexible plinth is used for protection of walls through cleaning and it gives the interior a unique look. Plinth tape is really easy in installation which means that finishing will take minimal time. It is widely used in flats as well as in offices and industrial areas. Thanks to production from soft PVC, plinth tape is delivered in rolls.
Plastic floor plinth

Plastic plinth

Plastic floor plinth allowsto protect walls from different kinds of damages, decores the room and covers junctions. Plastic plinth is produced from soft, hard or plasticized PVC. Plastic angle helps to protect room angles from splits and cracks and has the same colour as plinth does.

Floor cover curving plinth

Floor cover curving plinthis very popular in hospitals, kindergartens, schools. Using cannelure profile allows to make the corners round in junctions of floor and walls which makes the cleaning easier and more qualitative - dust and dirt don't get into the junctions anymore. Often through finishing along with the canelure profile it is edge profile which is used for bordering floor coverings. Manufacture of cannelure profile is held from soft PVC, itis installed before laying of floor coverings.

Carpet plinth
Carpet plinth Carpet plinth is used in rooms with such floor coverings. Usage of such profile allows to diversify the interior and give it the required look. Besides that this type of profile protects walls from mechanical damages. There is a possibility to stick carpet right in the plinth.
Plinth with cable channel
Plinth with cable channel Plinth with cable channel has plinth and wirebox properties. It allows to keep loads of wires and protect the walls at the same time. This plinth is highly efficient and easy in installation. td>
Junction profile
 Junction profile Junction profile is used for covering junctions between different types of floor coverings. Junction profile will also help through finishing of different-levels covers, with a dofference up to 20 mm. Junction profile is also called threshold as it is often used on the floor in the door well between different rooms.
Final weld profile
 Final weld profile Final weld profile which is alswo called movement joint profile is used to create movement (final) joints on the conrete floors or through laying tiles to avoid size changings of tiles in case of temperature diapason from -20 0 to 30 0C.
Stairstep covers 
Stairstep covers Stairstep covers are used for finishing stairsteps. Also, stairstep covers help to avoid slipping and visually border stairstep edge and lowen the risk of traumatic injury on the stair wells.

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