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PVC profiles used for producing concrete product

Characteristics of PVC profiles are perceptibly better than articles  of wood or metal and because of that this material absolutely replaced wood in manufacturing of concrete product. One of the most outstanding profiles' characteristics are durability, simplicity of manufacture, cheapness of installation. The examples of using this profile on concrete manufactories are face formers and rust formers.
Oftenly plastic pipes are used as channels for wiring.

Face former is used to get a "face", which means a sloped edge on the concrete product. Such usage of face formers helps to make the angles more accurate, which improves the appearance of the product. Besides that, the face prevents splits and cracks. Semi circule face former is used to get rounded angles on concrete product.
Rust former  is used in production to create hollows on the concrete product surface or different geometrical ornaments, allowing to perceptibly diversify the exterior of the produced product.

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