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Make an order on producing PVC profile.

Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

Standard usage


Here you can find all possible ways of using plastic profiles, we will be glad, if you will find a number of brand new ideas!

You fill find main branches of finishing and building works - that will help you to find most common information about processes, will help you to find more complete information about our assortment and find the profile which will fill the bill.

Handrails, footstep cover Hockey grounds, bowling Plastic plinth Molding fillets, packings, platbands


Handrails, footstep cover


Sport facilities
and grounds


plinths systems



Damper, bumper

Bonding, junction, bordering profile

Price, price holders

Gaskets, joints

damper for boats



Commercial equipment
frige equipment


Monolithic buildings 

swimming pools

We offer high demanded product of first quality. You will find a wide range of profiles from PVC and aluminium on our web site. We have reliable warm relationships with foreign manufacturers of PVC product, which gives us an opportunity to offer import articles under the most pleasant prices. Low level of prices and perfect service  makes us on of the market leaders for more than 10 years.

Basement of or business is  manufacture and sale of high quality plastic profiles and running PVC articles, produced on our factory, as well as delivery аnd sale of profilesfromforeign leaders of this field

Ø      Plastic plinth
Ø      Bumper
Ø      Bonding and junction profile
Ø      Antiskid footstep cover
Ø      Handrail
Ø      Angle for tiles
Ø      Soft and hard angle
Ø      Plinth tape (flexible plinth)
Ø      Concrete product (face former)
Ø      Profiles for commercial and fridge equipment
Ø      Profiles for furniture
Ø      Platbands

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Tel: +7 (499) 3501039, +7 (495) 6018689
Email: info@1-stpc.ru
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