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Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

Plastic handrails, meant for installation on metallic ones are produced from plasticized PVC. It fits the handrails which are produced from standard metallic stripes (40х4) or size (40х6).
This element is installed on metallic handrails to protect people's hands from possible damages.
Produced from PVC handrails give a soft warm felling when touched by hands. Plastic colour can be choosen to fit other elements of stair finishing like antiskid covers or plinth, which covers junctions between steps and wall.
Plastic handrail is a profile, which firmly holds the metallic stripe. Installed on the handrail, it gives the finished look to the stair well. It is highly efficient, can be bended easily.
Stair fences of soft PVC which are installed on the metallic parts of the stair are irreplaceable. PVC handrails do not absorb moist, avoid microbes spreading - that is why they are so popular when finishing stair wells in establishments, department stores, shops, hospitals. Besides that, handrails are coloured in mass - they do not require extra colouring or repair, which prolong the service life.
Installation is held without any special devices as the material is pretty soft. If installation is held in cold season it is just needed to warm the roll of plastic elements up with blow dryer or hot water. Handrail holds as it firmly "hugs" the metallic stripe, but if there is a possibility it could be taken off it is better to use glue.

PVC handrail PVC handrail

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