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Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

In the modern world plastic production includes all spheres of human's activity, all directions and technologies of building and finishing. Our life can't be imagined without using different plastics. Every manufacture tries to replace different construction details with plastics including plastic profiles production.  In the industry of producing non-plastic doors and windows there is a tendency of replacement constructive details like beading planes, molding fillets and larmiers. Details stated above produced from plastic are times more durable, efficient, easy in installation, they do not rot and absorb moist. Besides that, all plastic details are coloured in mass, that is why they are not afraid of scratches, as they do not change the colour of the detail. Range of colours for plastics is really wide, that is why the construction elements can be produced with any of the colours and with a structure of any wood. Main advantage of these articles is the flexibility: they are more durable comparing to the wooden analogues and they take the required shape easily after warming up with the installation blow dryer or hot water.. 
Door beading planes are used inside as well as outside. The installed beading plane helps to divide visually the door on a number of parts. With a help of beading plane it is possible to improve the interior and fasten the glass in the frame more firmly. Plastic beading plane is more durable than wooden one and can be produced in different colours. Our beading planes are produced from ecologically clean materials with a use of up-to-date technologies.
Molding fillets as well as beading planes are mainly used to fasten the glass in the frame. There are even systems of molding fillets and beading planes produced with the aim of easy installation.
Larmiers are easily installed on the lower part of the window as close to the frame as it is possible and they help to avoid getting moist into the frame when it is raining.

Door beading plane

molding fillet

beading plane


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