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Make an order on producing PVC profile.

Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

Material Wall Protection Boards TS 160

Protecting profile TS 160




0,810 kg/linear meter


  25 m



25 m




Plasticized PVC


  Contact glue




  3,6 $/m.

 building materials for medical institutions  PVC Alloy Material Wall Protection Boards  

PVC wall guard systems are designed to provide durable interior protection. They protect walls from scrapes and scratches, providing durable interior solution for medical centres, schools, etc. Wall protectors are useful in hospitals and shopping malls and other spots with heavy human traffic. Damages on the walls can occurre through inaccurate stretchers, wheel chairs and shopping carts maintenance. Moveable furniture can damage walls as well, so PVC guard panel is useful for hotels. TS-160 bumper bar is produced from soft PVC which made it possible to be mounted all across inner and outer corners. Along with handrails, wall guards (bumper bars, crash rails), combination rails and dual rail, PVC protection TS-160 forms extensive protection solution and adds aesthetical decoration element with its wide range of RAL Classic colours. LLC First Profile Factory uses its 20 years experience in production and testing wall guard systems to fit market needs of impact resistant, fire performancing and chemical, bacterial, fungal-resistant band.


Main colours of TS 160 impingement plate

Shockproof profile colour 9010 white
RAL 9010
Shockproof profile colour 7040 gray
RAL 7040
Shockproof profile colour 7038 agat gray
 RAL 7038
Shockproof profile colour 7038 gray
RAL 7046
Shockproof profile colour 7043 dark gray
RAL 7043
Shockproof profile colour  1013 white oyster
RAL 1013
Shockproof profile colour  1015 beige
RAL 1015
Shockproof profile colour  8025 caco
RAL 8025
Shockproof profile colour  8025 red brown
RAL 8012
Shockproof profile colour 8028 brown
RAL 8028
Shockproof profile colour 1018  yellow
RAL 1018
Shockproof profile colour 9004  black
RAL 9004
Shockproof profile colour 6034  salad
RAL 6034
Shockproof profile colour 6017 green
RAL 6017
Shockproof profile colour 7009 gray - green
RAL 7009
Shockproof profile colour 5017 navy blue
RAL 5017
Shockproof profile colour 3031 red orient
RAL 3031
Shockproof profile colour 2009 orange
RAL 2009





Please note that real colours can differ from ones stated on this page due to individual monitor settings and special features of ones perception. Equation to classic RAL table is close but not absolute. It is possible to produce colour which is most close to RAL under customers' demand (not less than 200 kg of raw material) 

Impingement plate



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