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TL 160

Wall impingement plates found a wide usage in places with high passability. The popularity of this article can be explained with a high possibility of wall damages. Repair and plaster works of the surfaces are rather expensive nowadays, so it is worth caring about wall protection beforehead and think of the use of impingement plates. Use of this article can be referred as shockprooof protection. In many cases, to exclude the damage possibility of walls or buildings it is wall impingement plate which is used.
Often impingement plates are used in schools, universities, hospitals and office buildings, where there is a high possibility of wall damages by office furniture, wheelchairs, trolleys. It is possible to name infinity of different possible damages your walls can get during building maintenance, one thing will stay the same - our production will prolong the service life of your walls for years. If you want to lowen the costs on the further repair and hold it rarely - install this article. If it is the plate which will be damaged - it is simple to change it in short terms. If you want your walls to stay in the proper condition wall impingement plates are necessary for you. It is times more efficient to install the plate one time than to hold the repair after damages, and if yor room has a high passability, then damages will appear soon. Costs on the impingement plates installation recover expenditure on wall repair. According to the type of product and the material which it is produced from, the plate can be installed on the special contact glue or on the special basement, the example is rotecting profile TL160-1PC. Installation of impingement plates does not take much time and can be held by everyone. Main advantages of our article are extreme durability, wear resistance, pleasant look and profitable price. According to everything stated above the use of impingement plate is highly recommended for every room.

Impingement plate TL160-1PC


Impingement plates
Impingement plates 





  4 m



20 m




Hard PVC


  Plywood, Contact glue




  241,50 rub./r.m.

Main colours of TL 160 impingement plate

Impingement plates - colour 410 white

  Impingement plates - colour 422 beige

Impingement plates - colour 412 light gray width=

(RAL 9010)

(RAL 1015) 

(RAL 7040)

Please note that real colours can differ from ones stated on this page due to individual monitor settings and special features of ones perception. Equation to classic RAL table is close but not absolute. It is possible to produce colour which is most close to RAL under customers' demand (not less than 200 kg of raw material) 

Impingement plate

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