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Plaster mark

Plaster mark is used in finishing works. There is a wide range of types of this article. Special holes for nails or glue mass provide firm fastening of the article, whole durability and resistance of the construction. The mark is produced from shockproof hard PVC with a use of our special know-how technology, that is why it does not absorb moist and does not rot under the cover of plaster.
This is the main type of profiles for plaster finishing works. Watching the professional work of maintenance crew, it is easy to catch that all of them use plaster marks, it is the article which guarantees high quality of the work. It is possible to furnish a flat with a great taste, design it, but badly plastered walls, with splits, cracks will spoil the whole interior - to avoid this, it is better to use special plaster marks. Plaster marks are usually produced from aluminium alloys or hard plastics, which do not rot or rust- that is why they are so demanded for prepairing walls to be covered with plaster. This article can also be produced from zinc-coated metal, such marks are cheaper and they are usually used if it is planned to cover the walls with wallpapers. They can differ in their height according to the thickness of a plaster cover. This apticle is irreplaceable to create flat smooth beautiful walls, it simplifies works and they can be done more quick, which lowers the costs.
Such article as a plaster mark is really wide spread among builders and workers, as it is one of the irreplaceable articles in finishing works. This item, as well as plaster angle  is used to get a high quality of plaster finishing works, and this article proves its value. Remember, using plaster marks mean smooth walls. Plaster mark, as well as plaster angle, can be produced either from metal or from hard plastic.This article is used to hold the finishing works more quickly and qualitative, it implies that in case of using it properly, it will guarantee smooth walls in short terms.


Plaster mark

Plaster mark 6 mm metallic  

Plaster mark

Plaster mark 9 mm Plaster mark  
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