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Make an order on producing PVC profile.

Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

Protective cover

We produce a wide range of plastic profiles, which can be used in different ways acording to your demands. Our production can be met in every room, in office, industrial space, inhabitant house, or department store. These are handrail lists, plastic fluting plane, plinth with cable channel, where loads of wires are hidden, etc. High popularity of our articles can be explained with theirs irreplaceable characteristics and wide field of use. Our production traditionally differs with its high quality and pleasant price.
Protective cover is used in shop and supermarket or stockage areas, other places with high passability and possibility of equipment damage as a result. It allows to protect cash boxes and commercial equipment from undesireable cracks or splits and other mechanical oscillations. Shock proof protection can seriously prolong the service life of cash boxes, fridges and cupboards. Costs on purchase and installation of our profile are much lower than on further repair of the equipment. Besides that it is worth marking out that change of the equipment means financial and time amends and efforts which are standing idles of the production turnover. Usage of our production will help you to avoid everything stated above as well as other undesireable moments. our company is ready to offer you a wide range of protective covers. Article produced on our factory is highly efficient and the costs on its purchase and installation are minimal. Perceptible advantage of our production is the possibility to vary technical characteristics and colours (practically any colour from RAL classic table can be choosen). Shockproof protection is represented in different colour solutions and different sizes, that's all will help you to choose the required profile. It is worth marking out absolute safety of such protection, which makes it possible to use such article for shops which deal with food. According to these facts protective cover gives an opportunity to safe on equipment repair. Of course, it is hard to avoid all possible damages, but our production helps to exclude the possibility of mechanical damages which appear because of carelessness. It is a perceptible and important fact, which is urgent for rooms with high passability, where damages appear rather often. Shockproof protection will help your shopping area to stay in a pleasant look for a long time!

Сovers are produced from hard and plasticized PVC

Profile for cash box protection

Shockproof protection

 Protecting cover  Supporting profile for commercial equipment protection




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