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Make an order on producing PVC profile.

Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

W-shaped profile

Directings for glass

W-shaped profile is widely used in production of furniture and commercial equipment like refridgerators. This profile is used as a directing for the glass. If used on commercial equipment, this article provides easy access to the goods, but allows to save the required temperature in the refridgerator, which helps to save on the energy. Installation of the w-shaped profile allows to ergonomize the use of furniture with glass. Besides that, it is used for producing fitted pntry cupboards with sliding doors. This type of profile is universal, it possesses high durability, it is ecologically safe and can easily be recycled. Everything stated above makes this profile irreplaceable in any furniture and commercial equipment manufacture. We offer this profile in different colour solutions, under the most profitable prices. They are produced from hard, shockproof, freeze-resistant PVC (the one that matches with the material, which plastic windows are produced from) .
Besides that, our company offers to acquaint with number of other materials like, for example, flexible plinth, which will bring aesthetical beauty in the room and functionality, allowing to hide some defects or extra details of the interior.

ш-shaped profile ш-shaped profile P2110 ш-shaped profile Ш-1

P 2109

P 2110


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