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Make an order on producing PVC profile.

Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale


Skirting tape JL 55 mm

Flexible PVC plinth - plinth tape JL55 mm

The sketch shows a small part of the profile


0,16 kg/linear meter


55 мм 


50 м


50 м


PC "First Profile Factory"


Soft PVC


Contact adhesive



On request 

 3D Image

 Installation instructions:  http://www.1-stpc.ru/cntnt/ru/rukatalog/instrukcii/instrukciy.html

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Гибкий плинтус широкий ассортимент разноцветный   Гибкий плинтус JL55 бирюзовый цвет  Гибкий плинтус JL55 мм черный цвет    Гибкий плинтус JL55 серый цвет  
  JL55 skirting tape is used in the renovation of premises for finishing the junction of the floor and walls. The main material used in the manufacture of the element is soft polyvinyl chloride of different colors. A wide selection of shades allows you to select the product as accurately as possible in accordance with the interior design.
   The flexible skirting board has a height of 55 and a leg width of 20 millimeters. The material is delivered in a package of 50 meters. The element is installed both in standard rooms and in rooms with columns or rounded walls. The fixing of the product is carried out using contact adhesive. You can buy a soft skirting board in the Internet catalog of the official manufacturer of PC "PPZ" at a bargain price.


Attention! We would like to warn you that the colors shown on this page may differ from the real ones, depending on the individual monitor settings and the individual characteristics of a person's perception of the emitted and reflected color.
The correspondence of the colors shown to the RAL colors is as close as possible, but not absolute due to the above restrictions. Use the RAL classic printed charts for color selection. It is possible to produce colors at the request of the customer (at least 200 kg of raw materials).

JL55x20 flexible skirting board is a soft pvc tape specially designed for installation at the junction of floors and walls. A plastic skirting board with a soft edge stands out strongly against the background of other skirting boards - it can even be installed on rounded surfaces such as columns. This approach to finishing works allows you to create uniform, beautifully designed interiors with minimal labor costs.

Radius floor skirting board is easy to install using contact adhesive. The JL 55x20 is perfectly handled by a worker of any skill. Typically, glue is applied in a thin layer to both surfaces, after which they are bonded. We recommend our customers to use contact adhesive - according to the results of our tests, it firmly occupies the first position in the ranking of adhesive for the installation of PVC products. If you decide to buy a radius skirting board, we also recommend purchasing contact adhesive.

The term "plastic skirting board with a soft edge" can also mean other types of skirting boards, for example skirting boards with a cable channel. A wide range of different types of skirting boards are presented in our catalog.

In addition to the radius skirting board, we also recommend paying attention to such specialized types of skirting boards as a connecting profile and a skirting board for carpet. The first one is installed in rooms with increased requirements for cleanliness - due to its design, it allows you to round off the junction of walls and floor, leading the floor covering onto the wall, which greatly simplifies cleaning. The second, due to the possibility of inserting a part of the flooring into the skirting board itself, makes the room more uniform, and therefore cozy.

Plastic skirting board with a soft edge is produced at our enterprise using the most advanced equipment and observing all required safety standards in the Klinsky district of the Moscow region.
In order to buy a floor flexible skirting board JL55x20, as well as to receive any information you are interested in, it is enough to contact our managers by phone numbers indicated in the "Contacts" section.

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