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Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

Ceiling plinth

 Fluting plane - ceiling plinth

Ceiling plinth gives the room a polished look. The article makes the room unique and gives her the needed charm. Also with a help of plinth the proportions of the room can be slightly changed, the defects, faults, splits can be hidden, corners can be smoothed. Apartly from decorative function, plinth is efficient and has a practical importance, it helps to protect walls from shocks, splits and other mechanical damages. It is hard to imagine modern repair, finnishing, interior decoration without using the ceiling plinth. The main advantages of exactly plastic plinth are its hygienic, flexibility and durability. Installation is easy with the help of contact glue. This article can be cutted, and the ceiling plinth also bends easily under the exposure of high temperatures.

Also look up for plastic fluting plane.

Ceiling plinth

Fluting plane NL48

Fluting plane P1751

Галтель 40x40

Fluting plane
NL 48

Fluting plane
P 1751

Fluting plane

Fluting plane NL22 Fluting plane NL20 Fluting plane NL14

Fluting plane
NL 22

Fluting plane
NL 20

Fluting plane
NL 14

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