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Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

Fluting plane

 Fluting plane

Plastic fluting plane is used for finishing angles between the wall and the ceiling or between the wall and the wall. Fluting plane is used for visual smoothing of interior angles and is used for hiding slits. This finnishing and decorative element is also called "ceiling plinth", although in contrast to the plinth fluting plane has only a decorative function. When soft plinth, apart from decorative function, protects walls from strikes and wetness during dry and moist cleaning. Fluting planes are widely used in two-levels ceilings in modern houses and flats.
Plastic fluting plane, usually is produced frow hard foamed PVC or hard plastics. Of course, fluting planes can be produced from wood or foam plastic, but plastic ones are more efficient. Besides that, the are more hygienic, as they do not absorbe wet. In contrast to wooden and foam plastic ones, plastic fluting planes are more flexible and durable.Even curvilinear joints can be finnished by them.
As well as control joint in laying of foundation, this interior detail is really important. Installation  of such elements from plastics is usually held with contact glue. Plastic fluting planes can be easily cut, can hold the desired curve after warming up with blow-dry, can be coloured with any of modern colours.

Fluting planes are produced from foamed or hard PVC.

Ceiling plinth

FP NL 48

Ceiling plinth  P1751

FP 40x40

 FP NL 30  PVCX FP NL 30v

Fluting plane
NL 48

Fluting plane
P 1751

Fluting plane

Fluting plane
NL 30

Fluting plane
NL 30 v

FP NL22 FP NL 22v FP  NL20 FP NL14   

Fluting plane
NL 22

Fluting plane
NL 22 v

Fluting plane
NL 20

Fluting plane
NL 14

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