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Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

Handrail list

Handrail list

Plastic handrail are meant to be installed on metal stair railings. They are produced from plasticized PVC (soft PVC). PVC handrail fits the railings, which are produced from standard metal strips 40х4 or 40х6, and they correspond to a profile, which tightly holds the metallic strip. Colour of a plastic handrail can be choosen in compliance with a colour of other stair well finishing elements, such as flexible junction profile, antiskid footstep covers or plastic plinth, which covers junctions between the wall and the steps.
Handrail lists protect hands from different possible damages from metal railings, while travelling down- or upstairs. This construction is  produced from plasticized PVC, which is pleasant and warm by touch.
Handarails give the stair well a finished look, they are really efficient as they can be easily bended and they can be installed even on spiral staircase. Handrail lists, produced from PVC, are irreplaceable items. They do not absorbe moist, stop microbes propagation, that's why they are widely used in stair well finishing in public places, like apartment house entrances, shopping centers, shops, hospitals. Besides that, handrail lists are coloured in mass, they do not need extra colouring or repair, which extands the service life.
Installation is held without using any extra parts, as they are rather soft. And only during installation on metallic stairs in cold season, it is enough to warm the roll with hot water or installation blow-dryer. The handrail holds tightly on the metal strip, but in public places, where there is a risk they can be removed, it is more likely to put it on the contact glue.


Plastic handrail

Plastic handrail ПЛ 40*4

Plastic handrail ПЛ 40*6

Plastic handrail

Plastic handrail
P 40*4

Plastic handrail
PL 40*4

Plastic handrail
PL 40*6

Plastic handrail
PL 40*4-MP

Plastic handrail KL 11

Plastic handrail KL 21

Plastic handrail KL 22

Plastic handrail ПЛ 30*5

Plastic handrail
KL 11

Plastic handrail
KL 21

Plastic handrail
KL 22

Plastic handrail
PL 30*5


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